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Posted by on Apr 13, 2020 in Blog, Cheating, Dating, Escorts, Gallery, Our Services, Relationships, sex, Testimonials | 0 comments

What Pets Do Escorts Prefer

What Pets Do Escorts Prefer

Everyone loves animals. These furry creatures bring us closer to nature and make life fun and exciting. Are you considering getting your favorite escort a pet? Wondering where to start and which one to get them? Well, getting an escort a pet isn’t easy. This is because you can’t clearly know what they like not unless you have really been sharing with one another. To help you out below is a guide on pets that most escorts prefer.

1. Fish

Fish are some of the most beautiful creatures to ever roam our oceans and rivers. They can be a gesture of love and concern to your favorite escort. Other than their beautiful appeal, fish don’t require a lot of care and maintenance. You just have to feed them once in a while and clean the aquarium at least twice a week. This is a pet that will make your escort feel loved and cared for.

2. Bunnies

Female escorts will definitely appreciate bunnies. These animals, though belong to the forests, they make amazing house pets. They are beautiful and help foster better relationships amongst the owner and the pet. If your escort has always been interested in the companionship of an animal, then a bunny makes the best pet for them. Bunnies have different personalities they can be playful and also funny.

3. Cats

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. There is a pet cat in at least 6 out of 10 homes. Other than being cuddly and friendly, cats are very self-reliant. You will feed them every day but they will pretty much take care of themselves. A cat can be left at home from morning to evening. Cats can be washed during the weekends and can also be potty trained. It is also best that you get a breed that is less aggressive.

4. Ferrets

Although Ferrets might not be the top pick for many escorts, these playful creatures are fun to have around. They love to cuddle and are a low maintenance pet. They only require to be caged and fed from a water bottle. You can also leave them at home for long periods without worrying about what’s happening.

5. Dogs

For centuries, dogs have been labeled as man’s best friend. If you are considering getting a pet for your escort then dogs are a great pick. Dogs are fun and bring out the best in you. They will keep you company on lonely nights and play with you all day long.

What better way to show appreciation and care to your escort than gifting them with a pet. The above are the top 5 best pets that escorts prefer.

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