"The details are not the details. They make the design.”
–Charles Eames

Delinah Simmons

Delinah (Dee) Simmons has always enjoyed creating bespoke carpets for her clients. As an interior designer, she has had the ability to create personal, custom carpets in any design, color, size and shape to meet the specific tastes and needs of each client and home.

Travel inspired Dee to produce her own unique selection of carpet designs. She had the opportunity to spend time exploring several villages in India as well as in markets in Turkey, where carpet making is a way of life and an age-old tradition. Playing with scale, color, pattern, and utilizing wool, silk and other textures, her rugs are fresh & modern while paying homage to classic designs.

Travel and fashion together serve as constant source of inspiration for the Delinah Simmons designs. The two themes consistently intertwine and can be found in every single delicately-woven carpet in the collection.

Along with creating her own designs, Delinah Simmons also imports one-of-a-kind and antique rugs from India and Turkey.

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